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What Is Investment MLM plan?

Investment MLM plan is different from other MLM plans. In this plan, people make an investment in the company and the company pays them a daily based percentage return. This fixed daily percentage return is called royalty. The percentage depends on the amount invested.

It is more or less like stock market investment, except that you do not get a share of the company. This plan offers a great opportunity for people to generate an indirect income. And this is a more suitable plan for people with no experience in the Multi Level Marketing business. Unlike other plans where you have to recruit associates and develop down-lines, this plan lets you earn income by making an investment. The scheme of investment changes from company to company. Some companies have the amount to invest fixed while others have a set minimum amount for investment.



MLM companies usually offer this plan along with other regular MLM plans. So, a member who opt for this plan first makes an investment.

The company then pays a fixed daily percentage return to the member, i.e., the investor. It is as simple as that. The investment and returns are fixed by the company, but also in accordance with government regulations.

The investment is sometimes called top up and the daily percentage return is called royalty. The company invests the top up payed by the members in its business. So, it does not put a burden on the company to pay back royalties.

It also helps the company in raising the required working capital. This is how it works for the company. As for the member who makes the investment, it works in that it lets him earn a better return than conventional investments or bank deposits.

Benefits Of Gift/Help MLM Plan :

  • Better income for members. Investment plan offers a better income opportunity from the MLM business, compared to other MLM compensation plans. Since it is usually coupled with other regular plans, returns from the investment plan serves as an additional income to members.
  • Alternative mode of investment. As mentioned earlier, opting for investment plan in an MLM company is a better alternative to traditional financial investments. It is way better than saving money in a bank deposit and safer than investing money in stock market.
  • Good for people with no selling experience. Other MLM compensation plans require you to be good at selling and recruiting people. In most cases, this is something that needs some experience. But in investment plan, all you need to do is raise the money for the investment. No experience whatsoever is required. But you are still assured of regular income.
  • Investment is needed only once, but income will be recurring. You will be regularly getting royalty for the one-time investment made, just like how you would be regularly getting interest for your bank deposits. The added advantage of MLM investment plan over bank deposit is that the returns are comparatively much more.
  • Most attractive option for newcomers. Unlike other plans that are difficult for newcomers to start making income, this plan is favorable for newcomers in the MLM industry. You do not have to satisfy any conditions to be eligible for income, other than making the investment.
  • No work involved to generate income. This is the best part about the investment compensation plan. All other compensation plans in the MLM field requires some or the other tasks to be performed. It could be anything from recruiting associates or selling products. But in this case, your investment does all the work for you.

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